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Giant Koala | Dadswell's Bridge, Victoria, Australia.

I have no explanation for what appears to be a giant sheep shading a picnic area

Giant milk bottle

Ball's pyramid, the world's tallest seastack, off the Eastern coast of Australia.

Bay of Fires, Tasmania

One of the narrowest houses in Sydney, Australia

Melbourne Australia

Uluru Waterfalls, Australia

Take a helicopter ride over the Great Barrier Reef

The Dish - Parkes radio telescope Parkes, NSW, Australia

Australia's Amazing Bioluminescent Lake. An unusually high concentration of Noctiluca scintillans, a bioluminescent microorganism, turned the water a bright, glowing, ethereal blue.

From Melbourne to Horsham. Along Western HWY, just before Horsham, Victoria, Australia.

Giant Coffee Cup, Vining, Minnesota

The Big Rum Bottle, Bundaberg, Queensland

Giant chair

The Big Apple, Stanthorpe, QLD.

The big pineapple, Queensland, Australia

World's Largest Pineapple Nambour, Queensland, Australia

Giant Dart - Toronto, Ontario

Worlds longest Covered Bridge - Hartland, New Brunswick, Canada