an illustration of the United States, based on silly stereotypes through the eyes of a Californian

"This map from, oddly, 'I Can Haz Cheeseburger,' purports to show [the U.S.] states with the food most associated with them."

so true!

Maps That Will Help You Make Sense Of The World- some interesting stuff! (some are hard to read)

Mainland USA According to Common Sense, 2011 by alphadesigner / Yanko Tsvetkov - From "Mapping Stereotypes"

It's true

Damn it tumblr, making me ship America & Britain!!! Like I really ship this... Like I'm about to go search for fanfic... #noshame #ishipit #ameritain #briterica

Wake up 'MURICA

Hahahaha omg i can't stop laughing at this!



Too funny!

Alternative ways to play hangman (the alien one and last one are my favorites)

Story of my life. :)

Really Bad Analogies haha

Titanic 14 year Puzzle

State Map Watercolor by Mari Orr