how to clean baseboards and keep them from getting dirty in the first place! genius!

Heard of baby powder.. This one is new How to remove grease stains from clothes - #Clothes, #LifeHacks, #Tips

Baseboard Cleaner! First vacuum around them, then use: 1/4 cup of fabric softener 1 gallon of water A microfiber rag With this method, you can easily clean any leftover dust or grime and repel any future dust since the fabric softener naturally repels static electricity (which attracts dust).

Green Cleaning Product Recipes

Martha Stewart's best cleaning tips from the last 20 years.

How to clean drip pans naturally. Quick and easy method.

How to clean Silver

Fold things like an my MOM!!!!

How to Clean Tile or Vinyl Floors...1 capful of mouthwash to a gallon of water

31 Ways To Seriously Deep Clean Your Home. Cannot wait to try this stuff.

How to clean out the pump filter in your front loader.

This is how i made my baby wipes 12 years ago and thought i was the only one making cleaning wipes too. ---video how to make-bleach wipes,baby wipes, glass wipes, and hand sanitizing wipes. each batch costs about 75 cents to make.

how to clean microsuede fabric. goodbye dirty couch!!

The Magic Way to Clean Your Windows - Best way EVER to clean windows. No drying needed, and you have no spots or streaks on your window! I cleaned 2 full sliding glass doors and 8 large windows in 9 minutes!!!

Fabulous Tips ~ round up of lots of those great tips on pinterest in one place. Most of them link back to the original post, too.

clean clean clean

How to Clean a Dirty Refrigerator…I like the shelf arrangement. It looks lie my fridge, but I had the shelves in all the wrong places!!!!

Clean showerhead ickyness with white vinegar in a bag secured with a rubberband... need to try.

The best way to clean a dirty tub

Keep Home Simple: Simple Tip Tuesday {Part 7} How to clean blinds - genius!

Woolite Foam Carpet Cleaner - Sprays out in foam stream so you can spray right on grout line. Let set several minutes, brush, wipe away. Easiest way ever to clean gross grout!