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  • Ciera McClain

    Stonehenge, England. This is my favorite place of all the places I've visited

  • Joan Biagioni

    Stonehenge, England | Best places in the World - Click image to find more Travel & Places Pinterest pins Melissa, need to add to bucket list to visit.

  • Lizbeth Solís

    Most Beautiful Places In The World

  • Danny Mills

    Stonehenge, England. Definitely on my Bucketlist

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'Return to Stonehenge' by * Garron Nicholls *. Fantastic photo of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. I love this place =)

Stonehenge, England Originally constructed by the British Pagans who lived on the Island Nation before the Celtic Tribes during their long war with the Roman Empire who eventually took over England and destroyed the Celts and then executed the Druid Priests and Priestesses.

A single frame from yesterday's stack, picked due to the lack of light trails along the horizon. Coincidentally it shows Orion's constellation directly above the stones. I processed this differently to create a more timeless and isolated feel and it really shows why the Stonehenge landscape deserves to be in the top five locations for stargazing in the UK.

Stonehenge, Wiltshire county, UK the world's most famous prehistoric monument. People around the world consider it as a sacred site and they associate the ceremonial place with the super natural world

Stonehenge... Why didnt I go there when I was in England??? Oh well, now I'll have to go back so I can see it!

Was Stonehenge a temple for sun worship, a healing centre, a burial site or perhaps a huge calendar? How did our ancestors manage to carry the mighty stones from so far away and then, using only the most primitive of tools, build this amazing structure? Surrounded by mystery, Stonehenge never fails to impress.