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photoshop layer masks-not as scary as you think

Learn how changing your position can create better photo compositions. via iHeartFaces and Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman

Get a new DSLR for Christmas? READ THIS! Tips on what to do after receiving or purchasing a DSLR camera!

Safety first! Remember, it may be photoshopped so don't try this at home (this goes for hammocks too).

Great photography tips! I had no idea my DSLR had that feature!

This tool is for the little nip/tuck the slimming of the arm. The double chin you accidently caught etc and small corrections that make a big difference to the buyers of the image.

4 Useful Tips for Creating Compelling HDR Photography

Do you ever get frustrated with layer masks because you can't see exactly where you are painting? We have an amazing tip to help you. This can be super useful when using actions like skin retouching, eye sharpening and other layers that have a layer mask.

25 New Photoshop Tutorials to Create Awesome Photo Manipulation Effects

Simple Guide to Photography! This guide shows great tips and tricks for handling your camera, and using multiple techniques.

I am no fan of totally changing the way someone looks, but this is worth the look to see how it is done. Will I do all this to my photos? No.