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Have kids draw themselves on little circles on the first day. Copy them and cut them to paste around a new page. Use it for a newsletter template. What a fantastic Idea! That would look so great for class announcements etc.

Let’s sing, dance and move! Your children will learn the FUN moves to the popular song, "Body Bop". Your kids will have a blast with this silly and fun action song! This movement song is great for brain breaks, circle time, group activities or those bad weather days when children can't go outside to play.

Brain Break! Koo Koo Kangaroo..."No Crust" I've sent these to all the classroom teachers in my building to play for kids throughout the day to get them moving! Love them!

Hands On As We Growfrom Hands On As We Grow

30 Gross Motor Activities for Kids with Lots of Energy to Spend

Exercise dice for a using-up-energy game

I seriously love this site. Lots of kinesthetic activities for all grade levels, broken up by subject.


Great Websites for Read Aloud Books & Read to Me Stories

Great Websites that have FREE Read-Aloud and Read-to-Me stories for kids ~ So handy!

Calling all Fifth Grade teachers!! This website was made just for you - it even has your name on it! Thanks for checking it out! :)

"Uno" Fitness :) each card means a different thing. Could be a fun indoor recess game

Minds in Bloomfrom Minds in Bloom

20 Three-Minute Brain Breaks

Great activities to do if you find your students being sluggish, or even anxious. It gets them moving and thinking, waking them up in a fun way!. 5391