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Great looking spread for a numbered series – not sure where it's from

Ciara Pin 2- TRAVEL Magazine. Nice asymmetry

The text coming on top of the image, or vice versa adds a dynamic element to each spread using the convergence of multiple layers.

Elephant Magazine, Issue 5 by Matt Willey editorial design

(#4) First page spread for the Feature story. I like how the clean line cuts across the cut of coffee and and how the details in the font are brought out.

This is not a foliofrom This is not a folio

Some editorial design. Back to basics

i like the way the circles have been used and the 2 colours go really well together, it draws your eye to the text Some editorial design. Back to basics « This is not a folio

I could use a spread like this for a sports page... If only weightlifting was as interestting... #semiyb #nov

layout design

layout design

layout design