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    Shoot Like a Pro: master depth of field in outdoor portraits - Part 2

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      Outdoor portrait photography made easy: Tips for pro quality results. _ PLEASE LIKE BEFORE YOU REPIN!__ Sponsored by International Travel Reviews - World Travel Writers & Photographers Group. We are focused on Writing Reviews and taking Photos for Travel, Tourism, & Historical Sites Clients. Tweet us @ IntlReviews

    • Sonia Durrance

      Whether you choose to blur it or keep it sharp, an attractive background is key to successful outdoor portraits. In the second part of our Shoot Like A Pro series on outdoor portrait photography we show you how to take control of depth of field.

    • Sonia Durrance

      Good lighting can transform any average scene into something magical. In the final part of our outdoor portrait photography month of our Shoot Like A Pro series we look at some simple flash techniques and best practice for lighting your outdoor portraits.

    • David Moore

      Shoot Like A Pro: the best lenses for outdoor portrait photography | Digital Camera World

    • David Moore

      Shoot Like A Pro: essential flash techniques for outdoor portraits | Digital Camera World

    • David Moore

      Shoot Like A Pro: outdoor portrait photography made easy | Digital Camera World

    • Laina Y

      Learn Photography: Portraits

    • Karina Miller

      Outdoor photography

    • Brock Miele

      Photo tips

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