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i will be doing this today!! how to clean a dyson

How To: Deep Clean Your Dyson Vacuum. Good to know. Have had my Dyson for about 6 months, it's probably time. :)

How to really clean your Dyson- a tutorial. I thought I was getting all the parts of my Dyson (which I have loved for 6 years) clean...until I scrolled through Anna's thorough instructions. I was missing stuff that is probably making me work harder in the long run. I'll be cleaning out that brush next week! ~Little Blessings~

A Typical English Home: How to Clean a Dyson

How to clean a dyson!

Cleaning your Dyson (How to Clean a Dyson Vacuum)

This is a really great list to follow- and most people ignore #2 but it can make organizing so much easier!

Cool uses for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius. Check out the marbles in the fence tip.

How to clean an iron -- what great info

Blinds are one of the toughest parts of your home to clean. Here's an easy way to have them looking great for your open house!

Cleaning the tub!

How to clean those tricky zones around the toilet that are inevitable with little kids.

...how to replace a cracked iphone screen for under $10.00... Just in case I ever need to...I'll be glad I pinned this.

Clean your headlights!

How to clean your gunky stove hood filter- great tip for listing prep!

BOOK CLEANER Absorene A favorite of museum curators, archival restoration experts, and libraries, Absorene Paper & Book Cleaner is a dry cleaner that gently & safely brightens and cleans paper and book cloth. Absorene draws dust and dirt from surfaces, and also works for prints, oil paintings and fabric. 15 oz.

Make your own 'cleaning slime', which can be used to clean hard-to-reach spots of dust and crumbs, such as air vents and keyboards.