lovely alleyway

Rainy night , Paris , France: Sad songs make us sad, rainy days make us nostalgic and leafless trees make us feel lonely.. there is a darkness always lurking, waiting to creep up on you. We are made this way built to be a little grey-shaded. It's funny when people pretend they only see sunshine, for they'd be a desert without the periods of rains.

~Venice in Blue. Venice, Italy and its water canals look like theyre in a dream

Paris illustration Morning Shine by tubidu on Etsy



- this is lovely.

Gauguin, Paris 1889


Beautiful blue irises by Kravchenko Oksana

Charlotte Mann, wall drawings in marker | Charlotte Mann is a British artist who draws on walls as an adult — and gets paid for it! Mann specializes in wall drawings and drawn room installations, created with bold black markers on a white ground. The delightful effect is essentially one of being inside a large pen and ink drawing. Link:

A sooty, foggy night in Victorian London... Phuoc Quan: Black and White painting

Original painting New Orleans French Quarter Jazz by Karensfineart

Paris is beautiful in the snow

paintings by geoffrey johnson

lil' boy & the man in the moon~

Paris in the rain.

dream boat

Blue "Tulip" Vase by Daum at Neiman Marcus.