Faithful companion

Rainy days - thats love. (and also, what we might have to do to get them to pee outside!!! doxie owners, you know who you are!!!) -follow my profile for more pets things!

. Homeless but loyal. While other get tired of taking care of pets. Have them put down. Sometimes I think the difference between many homeless & us is they are gentle people. Unable to cope in harsh world

We All Need to Be Loved...#love #devotion #caring #b/w

Old man and his dog


army of the kind

Family portrait. The paws kill me :)

a moment in time

Close friends

Appalachian Girl I love this "Old Gal and her cow" Picture taken by wonderful photographer Phil Grout. Makes my heart smile!

A homeless man and his dog

Heroic Bosnians Brave Dangerous Floodwaters to Save Dog

Her very own elephant

4 ever friends

Fire Rescue with SAR dog...this pic really shows the love between the two.

Can I keep him? | Get a Free Consultation for your #dog from our Friends at Nature's Select #cat #dog

Looks like the dog is saying...It will be OK! So cute!

Service puppy meets "scary" firefighter to boost its confidence