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  • ILoveLucy

    *DIY:: So Fun Marshmallow Shooters - Kids (and even grown-ups) would love these at any party, holiday, or event. Sooooo Cool! +-:"~{,_

  • Lisa Sulkey

    Marshmallow Shooters!! Classy Clutter: DIY Kids Gift Ideas - Totally Inspired Tuesday by Mallory

  • Patty Tillman

    1/2" PVC Pipe and connectors. Shoots mini marshmallows. A couple of weeks ago we came across a booth selling marshmallow guns at the Strawberry Festival. The boys were instantly smitten, but at $7 each Mitch said no way - if there's a way to make it ourselves for less, we're all over it! One quick trip to Home Depot and $7 later, and we had enough supplies to make marshmallow shooters to supply the entire neighborhood!

  • Rosie Posy

    Come Together Kids: Five Fun Ideas for Backyard Fun. Marshmallow shooters.

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