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Crystal clear water of Saipan, in the Northern Mariana Islands. Like there's not even a grain of sand in that water!


Beauty and Color is found in Nature. We too can choose beautiful colors to cloth our vibrant beautiful bodies in, finding inspiration from Nature! With Love, Jessica

ღೋ "Aquello que habita en el pasado y en el futuro, es una mínima cosa, comparado con lo que habita dentro de nosotros." Ralph Waldo Emerson (Vía https://www.facebook.com/Coach-Express-1694969867435699/

Amazing Funny Images and Nature Pictures: Wave Heart Image


Hi, and welcome to my little haven. My name is Jeannie, and my favorite color is aqua. It makes me feel like summer when I wear it, and it always reminds me of the beautiful sea which to me is "Serenity" at its finest!

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Steps To The Sea, Rivera Maya, Mexico. This evokes memories of sunlight on the turquoise water of a swimming pool as I waited at the steps and looked down at the water, when I was a child.

Now I know why I love Gold so much...water!

Ripples ~ Waves created by a boat on totally flat ocean. The colours are created by the setting sun. Location: Exmouth Gulf / Western Australia, © Sascha Unger Travel and Photography from around the world.

The wonderful feeling of the ocean taking all your cares away.

of our earth is covered with water. The ocean is a beautiful place and many creatures live in it. We must keep water clean because it is very very useful and helps us a lot and with a lot of things we do such as drinking, washing, bathing, and many more.