Haha yesshh.

This is so true. Once a directioner, always a directioner.♥ xx♡♡♡♥♥♥, everyone be like jump and niall be like no, jump, my way



this is what happened.

this is soo true x

And American boys wonder why we don't find them charming. Pfft. I'll give them a few reasons.

One time my mom was like smile like your excited for Christmas so I smiled and then she was like think about one direction she took the picture and was like OMG that's creepy I look at the picture and I just start laughing

Lol but so true

never less awkward then every time before

This is too creepy becuase just as I looked at this, this part of the song came on and I'm like "WHOAAAH" true story.....

But seriously.

Hahahhahahahaa <3


:D Lol u tell em lou!