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    The Redhead Jean Jacques Henner

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Frank Cadogan Cowper (1877-1958) Vanity Oil on canvas 1919

Stunning work from Marshennikov. Love the way he's caught the light and rendered the shadows on her back. 155. 2010 30x20’

Sir George Clausen pastel - 1890


Art Oil Painting Vincent Van Gogh Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ in Field | eBay

Arthur Hacker - Portrait of the Artist’s Brother

John Collier,Sleeping Beauty,1921,detail.

Portrait of Iris Tree by Augustus John

Anna Magruder

anna magruder

Anna Magruder

Paul Gauguin

Lord Frederick Leighton

Lord Frederick Leighton (1830-1896), "Bianca".

Robert Henri. Detail from Lady in Black with Spanish Scarf, 1910.

The good book - Federico Zandomeneghi

Laura Coombs Hills Fire Opal (Grace Mutell) 1899

Elaine The Fair William Ladd Taylor

Frank Cadogan Cowper (English, 1877-1958) Vanity, 1907, detail

The Athenaeum - Lauretta (Jules Joseph Lefebvre - )

belaquadros: Love’s Testament - 1898 Phoebe Anna Traquair

Bath, Edgar Degas

Gustav Klimt - The Kiss, oil and gold leaf on canvas, 1907–1908. Never noticed that the girl was a redhead! :)

Julie Wolfthorn : Girl with Blue-Green Eyes 1899