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Baby Koala

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This is the best thing ever. Pictures of baby ducks to cure your depression

Baby Koala by Toby Zerna

I think it's an owl... but whatever it is, I want to hug it

I know hippos are super dangerous but aaawwwwwwww...

Baby elephant one minute old.

I want to kiss him

The cuteness is overwhelming

And now, a baby goat with a bow...

Adorable, look at those ears!!

Ballerina fish

It's so happy!


hercules, english mastiff. 282lbs...booooom.

baby roo :)

Blue Heeler puppy.

Newborn gorilla reacting to a cold stethoscope. IS THAT NOT THE CUTEST THING YOU'VE EVER SEEN

baby animals... mamatux


Pudu - worlds smallest deer I want one! How do I make this happen?

baby giraffe..

Baby skunk baby-animals

In 1983 Tippi Hendren established the Shambala Preserve in California’s Mojave Desert, a wildlife sanctuary for lions and tigers. This lions name is Togar. He was brought to the sanctuary but had never been around any other lions. He had to live with humans or be put down. His teeth were pulled before he was brought to the sanctuary. The girl in bed with the lion is Melanie Griffith. This family took him in and loved him and he never hurt anyone. This is my dream.

baby polar bear


Sea turtles