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  • Jenny Crofford

    from Family Life

  • Angela Snellenbarger

    Healthy Marriage = Strong Children

  • Anne Marie Berntsen

    "When you believe in him, he is secure. He can take the leaps of faith required to surmount fear. He can bear up under pressure, pioneer new territory" These are such great ideas, that one day, I will need someone to remind of. For all you married peeps... these seem like great ideas! Some taking very little effort and some that take a lot... but all of them seem worth the investment!!

  • Rachel O'Funky

    AWESOME ideas to make your hubby feel valued, appreciated and cherished! >> some good ideas here ... sift through to find out what works for you

  • Lala Xiong

    AWESOME ideas to make future husband feel valued and appreciated :)

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marriage is a conscious decision to re-fall in love with your spouse over and over again. Loving them AND being 'in love' with them

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