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  • Tricia Murphy

    Black Iris - I would love a bed of these! I only seen one of these in my life, and it appeared in a yard that was unattended, when I first seen it I thought I was seeing things, not another flower around much less a iris, to mention BLACK!! gave me a errie feeling at the time, but will add sooo lovely

  • Sarah Thorpe

    Black Orchid

  • Susan Baxter

    Black Iris. I had a white garden in Indiana with flowers that stayed open at night , they just seemed to glow in the moonlight. And a black flower garden, mostly are actually very dark purple or red but they sure have a mysterious look.

  • Cyn Connelly

    A real beauty

  • Christina Strader-Czoschke

    I love iris's! They remind me of my grammas iris bed she had on the side of the house. Black Iris

  • Heidi Bones Jones

    Black Magic Iris

  • Aisha Daria

    Magic black Iris frm Jordan.

  • Margaret Grogan

    Black Iris- Before the Storm Iris- Even nature loves a Goth...

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Purple Iris - They've grown all along my mom's front porch for the entire 57 years she's lived there... she would cut some for me, wrap a wet paper napkin around the bottom of the stems, cover the wet napkin with "tin foil" and off I'd go to proudly present them to my beloved 2nd grade teacher!

Iris. My favorite flower. Would love a field full of every shade of purple.

'Superstition' Black Iris. I Absolutely have to plant these in my garden!

Iris - I find this colour combination very exciting - it's so crisp and clear and yet very passionate!!!

Yellow and Purple Iris. We had these in our garden growing up. Gorge! And let you know it was about to get HOT!

Bearded Iris. Reminds me of my Grandma DeSelms. She had a garden full of all colors and varieties of Iris.