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Never ever forget...

1996 - Twin Towers, NY Don't have the words to say how I feel. i remember going up one of the Twin Towers years ago and looking out at my city, New York. This is a wonderful photo with the Statue of Liberty and the towers.

Twin Towers Before     World Trade Center Twin Towers before September 11, 2001 attack.

Twin Towers Before World Trade Center Twin Towers before September 2001 attack.

Bleue NY

Memorial Site and One World Trade Center. Ground Zero is being transformed into a permanent World Trade Center Memorial Site entitled 'Reflecting Absence', as well as a functional office and visitor building called the Freedom Tower.

Towers in flames

These 30 Photos From September 11, 2001 Will Move And Astound You

A plane explodes after hitting the second tower of the World Trade Center as the other tower burns in New York September 2001 with the Brooklyn bridge in the foreground. Both towers of the complex collapsed after hijacked planes hit them.

NYC Freedom Tower Construction and the World Trade Center Memorial. Source unknown

Post 911 JOSHUA ONLY _ NYC. Freedom Tower Construction and the World Trade Center Memorial. I was there on the day before this memorial was dedicated. place I have ever been in my life so far.

World Trade Center Memorial

Lights of Twin Towers at Ground Zero, NY We went to New York when my boys were thirteen. It was a fantastic vacation! We were touched by ground zero, and we all want to return to see it now.


I was standing in front of the south tower when it got hit by the second plane and realized that what happened was very intentional.

Many around the world say that we should stop the yearly 9/11 memorials. I will never forget, I don't want to forget. There are many atrocities that should never be forgotten.

Second plane hitting twin towers. “One of the lessons of is that evil is real and so is courage.” - George W Bush september 11 attack

A heart touching picture

Statue of Liberty Between Twin Towers, World Trade Center at sunrise - I will never forget!

Lest We Forget - September 11, 2001

911 - The attack on the World Trade Center. It was an attack on our a country and none living will ever forget September the day that changed us forever.

2006 - One World Trade Center

1 World Trade Center in place of the twin World Trade Center towers, NYC


Purple moon, but its actually blue. Once in a blue moon real Freedom is true