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    Endangered Species - A life science reading comprehension passage about endangered species.

    The Pitch and Volume of Sound - A reading segment and comprehension questions about pitch and volume.

    Competing for Resources - A reading passage that describes how plant and animals compete for limited resources

    Fun Nutritional Worksheets that teach reading skills and nutrition from Fooducate

    Adapting to Survive - A passage about how living things have certain adaptations that allow them to survive.

    Plants life cycle

    What’s Eating You? - A reading passage about the role of living things in an ecosystem. (consumer, producer)

    Habitat Destruction - A short passage about human impact on plants and animals

    Create a "fakebook" page for a character...very cool!

    In danger of Extinction - A passage about the Koala and how it faces possible extinction.

    Reading Comprehension - great article!

    Blog post with LOTS of fun ideas for getting kids writing about science and teaching about the life cycle of plants. Also includes FREE printable anchor charts for Photosynthesis and Parts of a Plant.

    Each passages comes with 2 graphic organizers for citing evidence & questioning techniques. Each passages also comes with 3 pages of questions aligned to CCSS ri.1, ri.2, ri.3, ri.4, ri.5, ri.7, ri.9.

    Questioning Anchor Chart

    Using Pictures to teach Key Reading Skills

    reading comprehension strategies poster

    Life Cycle worksheet

    spice up reading

    Life Cycle of a Frog (Scholastic printable)

    Animal Habitats Facts Posters/Sheets. This includes the following habitats....desert, grasslands, oceans, ponds and wetlands, mountains and forests, antarctic and arctic and the rain forest

    Social Skills Needed for Groupwork Poster