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Cane Corso...looks like the three headed dog in harry potter! (it's name is escaping me) Fluffy is his name.

Little Cane Corso. Couple months and youre mine! ♥

This Cane Corso Mastiff looks similar to one of my cuddle buddies at home! His name is Boston because I love the Redsox! He is 7 months old and already weighs over 50lbs.

  • Allison Doyle

    At four months, mine was 80 lbs!

  • June Anderson

    This looks like my neo.

  • Danielle miller

    Mine is 4months and he's70lbs right now lol

  • Adilene Rivera

    My Chief is 6 months next week and pushing 80 pounds. :) I urge anyone wanting to welcome a Cane Corso into your home, please know that training these dogs is a lifelong commitment. They're independent thinkers and are quite high maintenance. I urge you to visit to become better acquainted with the breed before rescuing/purchasing.

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Cane Corso. Looks somewhat like an American pitbull.

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Cane Corso...looks like the three headed dog in harry potter! (it's name is escaping me)

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5 dog breeds for protection (ans use as a BOV :) I would love to have a Cane Corso, but it's so big, and it is said to be hard to train. Rottweiler is a good pick.

  • John Tsangaris

    Well, and yourself?

  • John Tsangaris

    No. And that's the end of that conversation. Please go away. :-)

  • Tasheena Tanner

    Please check out my gofundme campaign for my Italian cane corso. Please help spread the word.

  • Rosemarie Martin

    These dogs are wonderful! Faithful family dogs. Will die to protect you and your children. Very smart, any dog can be trained by someone who h as s breed knowledge. It's awesome and rare that someone

  • Rosemarie Martin

    Actually cares and is intelligent enough to do breed research. I worked in a shelter for many years as a euthanasia tech and these along with Presa Canarias and dogo Argentina and tosas are considered dangerous and vicious unfortunately because people are assholes who want to fight them. Go for it! The blues are gorgeous. Look up a Corso named Sampson. Wow talk about a handsome boy! You will never regret it if you get one.

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Cane Corso Puppy. My grandmother had one of these- he is SO CUTE!!!

Purebred Cane Corso Puppies (Italian Mastiff) | puppies for sale kingscliff New South Wales | Cane Corso dogs for sale in Australia - @ #pups4sale -

The Cane Corso. A large Italian Molosser (Mastiff-type) breed, for years valued highly in Italy as a companion, guardian and hunter, its name derives from "cane da corso", an old term for catch dogs used in rural activities (for cattle and swine; boar hunting, and bear fighting). Easy to train they are a loyal, quiet, & protective breed. Training must begin early as this is a powerful & imposing breed which is highly suspicious of strangers, & aggression should never be encouraged.

Beautiful Cane Corso :)