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    The elevated position clarifies the extent of the destruction in the main station of the Tuscan capital Florence (Italy). The picture was taken in July 1944 by Walter Hollnagel

    WW2: (1945) Naples, Italy

    An unknown train station in Italy rendered useless by the wwii bombing. The picture was taken in July 1944 by Walter Hollnagel

    A badly defaced portrait of Mussolini, pierced by a bayonet, hangs from a tree along the road from Messina to the Sicilian ferry crossing to the Italian mainland following the liberation of Sicily on 17 August 1943.

    5th Army soldiers study a map of Rome. In background is the ruins of the Coliseum. Italy

    Venezia 1940 - La guerra in gondola

    Rome and opression photo by Carl Mydans for LIFE, 1940

    "An 8 year old Italian boy removed detonators from German hand grenades. As the the Allies moved up the peninsula, there were huge quantities of ordinance scatted by both sides all over Italy." 1944.

    The American Medical Corps in Palermo, just after the liberation of the city. July, 1943. Robert Capa

    US tanks and GIs entering Rome, 5 June 1944

    "Kiss of Liberation" An American soldier kissing a little Italian girl, WWII


    Safeguarding civilians in Pisa.-Special U.S. Army Police use a mine detector on debris in front of a doorway in Pisa, Italy, before allowing citizens to enter the premises. AFHQ, Sept. 16th, 1944.

    The Polish Second Corps were instrumental in the defeat of the German Tenth Army at Montecassino and the subsequent opening road to Rome for the Allies. Polish soldiers, following the road from Cassino to Rome, uncovered statues of the Madonna and Child in a chapel of a church in Piedimonte. Although the church was in ruins, the Madonna and Child emerged relatively unscathed. May 1944.

    Following the German authorities' order to evacuate a section of Florence by July 30, 1944, thousands of the city's inhabitants sought shelter in the Pitti Palace. As many as 4000 Florentines settled in the palace and attempted to resume their daily lives.


    Teatro alla Scala, Milano, bombardato durante la II guerra mondiale


    I bombardamenti aerei su Milano durante la II guerra mondiale: Il duomo.

    PALAZZO SORMANI. Milan, after 1945 bombing

    Santa Maria delle Grazie church in Milan after the August, 1945 raid that nearly destroyed Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper

    SS troops disarming after being surrounded and forced to surrender in Milan. 30 April 1945.

    Photo taken by Pennoyer during the Italian campaign. Capt. Deane Keller, American professor of painting, Yale School of Fine Arts

    Deane Keller with Botticelli’s Primavera. Keller was one of the Monuments men who worked to save Europe's artistic and cultural heritage during WWII.

    The Manuscripts and Archives Digital Images Database (MADID): VMail letter Deane Keller (Italy) sent to his family.