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It's Always Sunny in Silicon Valley

The Valley's techies live in a bubble of prosperity. Optimism has its advantages, but some worry the region may lose touch with the rest of the world

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The “tech world” is really more of a “tech family.” Between digital giants’ appetites for acquisitions and the tendency of their ex-employees to start new companies, it’s easy to see how nearly every blip in the ecosystem is closely related. Internet Exploration Engine. Like a search engine only better, much better!

Silicon Valley today.My father was part of the "great brain drain" that was happening at the time.For decades, the plan was simple and straightforward: You went to college, you said goodbye to your homeland, and you came to Silicon Valley to change the world, seek your fortune and enjoy the sunshine. Many of my Dad's work mates were also from Britain and they have become life long friends.Of course, today there are techlands all over the world and Americans are now emigrating more and more.

Where would Silicon Valley be without Apple? #Apple #Silicon Valley #Technology

Does Silicon Valley Look Like “Silicon Valley”? I hit the streets of San Francisco on an all-too-warm afternoon with camera and notebook in tow, scouting for people wearing what I thought of as the “tech uniform”—the studiedly casual California look associated with startup culture ...

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