Eckfords Finest Mix Sweet Pea Seeds and Plants, Annual Flower Garden at

Four O'Clock, Marbles Mix

Hollyhocks...reminds me of a garden in Simi Valley where I saw them growing

Sweet peas

Corkscrew Vine Vigna Seeds and Plants, Annual Flower Garden at

Four O'clocks - drop seeds and come back each spring/summer. LOVE THEM They are sooo easy!

11 Easy Annuals to Grow From Seed -->

Madame Plantier

Sweet peas

sweet pea on trellis | Sweet Pea 'Annual Species Mixed' - Hardy Annual Seeds - Thompson ...

Sweet peas

Moonflower, Giant White

A combination of Coleus and 2 Sweet Potato varieties in plant form. - "These 3 annual foliage plants work beautifully together to keep your best containers or annual bed colorful from spring till frost!"

This coral-apricot 'Sweet Fragrance Rose' smells heavenly. And --it's one of the easiest roses you can grow!

Celestial Mix Morning Glory Seeds and Plants, Annual, full sun.

Hollyhock, Country Romance Mix


Pansy, Antique Shades Hybrid Mix

Cosmos, Bright Lights Mixed Colors

Sweet peas in the sweetest pastels

Lathyrus odoratus ‘Blue Shift’ - Something wondrous & new in Sweet Pea land! Color shifting blooms! Another Keith Hammett creation, each flower begins life a rich violet purple & then transitions, like a watercolor, into blue.