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Ayurveda & Dosha Types for Beginners

Ayurveda & Dosha Types for Beginners

You can see here how the muscles from your legs attach to your lower spine. If they are tight and short, they pull on your spine and cause low back pain. (That's what muscles do!) There are different muscular causes for back pain but this psoas muscle stretch may be just what you need for lower back pain relief. :)

What's your #skin telling you about your #health? Did you know that regular massages help your lymphatic system and immune system work better? Come in for a massage with @Tricia Falmer Kleinheider Massage in Issaquah today.


Stomach Massage for Weight Loss

Abdominal Massage - I have found that an abdominal massage, using light to medium pressure for up to 30 minutes really speeds up the digestive system and gets things moving. You can do a simple kind of massage yourself - just lie on your back in bed and massage your stomach and abdomen in a clockwise motion. Talk to your Naturopath about using a Castor Oil pack, too. Helps with gas, constipation and bloating, along with stress reduction.