great tutorial on making ear cuffs @Abigail Abner

Make your own ear cuff

Make your own DIY ear cuff with our easy new tutorial!

ear cuffs

DIY ear cuff

Ear Cuff How-To #jewelry #DIY #earcuff

DIY: How To Make a Wire Ear Cuff - easy to make and you don't need to have pierced ears to wear them. These would be great to make for gifts!

I've seen these ear pins all over pinterest, and finally a tutorial!

DIY Ear Cuff. Found at Little Bit Crafting here. She made these using the tutorial she found on Cut Out + Keep here. For more DIY ear cuffs and a roundup go here:

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Wire wrapped jewelry

ear cuff

Earwrap Earrings,

DIY ear cuff. SUPER easy:)

Ear cuffs

elf ear cuffs. Ideas for this years halloween costume. Maybe a bit smaller so I can add a one ear cuff or something like that

cute ear cuffs. :)


DIY Ear Cuff