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  • Amanda Peterson

    my dream house one day will be filled with secret passage ways! so sick

  • Janal Mason

    A book case with a secret door. I will have one of these in my dream house !

  • Susan Avella

    hidden room. The house I grew up in had a hidden door. I loved it and enjoyed freaking people out by walking through it.

  • HolliBerry Lewis

    My future house will have a secret room.

  • Katelin Chatham

    Hidden room. I SO want a secret room in my dream house!

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Secret passageway! Cute idea if your house is designed properly. I remember a family friend's house had a hidden play room under their stairs. To get in, we crawled through a little door in their coat closet. Way fun for kids!

Bookcase is secret door... from Mikko's hiding places. from the compound

I want like 30 different places like this in my house oneday! Could you imagine how fun adult hide in seek would be?!?! Attic Hidden Door by Eudaemonius, via Flickr

So awesome! Very Nancy Drew. Hidden door behind the bookcase, just like in Message in a Haunted Mansion!

I always thought it would have been cool to have a hidden door leading to a secret passage way.

Ooh - We chould have a hidden doorway like this from our study into our master bedroom!

secret bookshelf door. I used to have a door like this at my apartment at sixteenth and Granville in Vancouver ! It had was a door to a closet that was the full tenth of the room and came out in the next room!

Because why the hell wouldn't I want secret passages in my house? (Secret door open by Steve Kuhl)