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Herbal Tea Supplement GREAT for diagestion. Tastey and/or good through G-Tube. http://www.eyanghealth.com/children-seven-natural-herbs-beverage--xiao-er-qi-xing-cha.html

You Start With a Tube - blog for g-tube children & blenderized diet tips for my CDKL5 friends with a g-tube!

Blenderized Diet for G-tube Fed Kids

You start with a tube...: Recipes

Blended Diet for G-tube recipes.

Blender G-tube food

Lentils and Peas. Another g tube recipe to try.

Awesome story about a mom who chose blenderized food over formula with fabulous results for her child who would otherwise have needed surgery.

Dairy Free Cuturelle for Kids with Allergies/ www.culturelle.com

Organic baby food cookbook great for purees for G-Tube nutrition

NeurtiPort Feeding Tube ... the lowest profile, softest and BEST feeding tube options.

party sets

Gtube mickey button feeding tube protective belt by Fashiontubies, $20.00

Elecare Formula Dairy Free, Soy Free and the Most Gentle on GI Systems

FEEDING tube information & support www.oley.org There is also a formula and supply/equipt exchange http://www.oley.org/equipexchange.html

Oh my goodness, where was this feeding rate calculator when I needed it?!?

Calmoseptine. The best stuff ever, it basically cured Dean's granulation tissue.

SVN Fish Face Mask ... to make breathing treatments a bit more fun!

Oxygen tanks are avaible in a lot of sizes so you can take the smaller ones 'to go' for short walks etc. Saves on lugging the big ones around.