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George Clooney

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How could I not put George on my Kentucky Board! Too bad Jude Law is not from Kentucky. :-)

George Clooney Sexy in a suit:) When I was 17 I swore I was going to marry him, unfortunately for him Daniel found me first. We could have been good together george. Sorry xxx

George Clooney. This is NOT George! I repeat: This NOT George ! Somebody is pulling a joke here. Enough said !

If every man aged this well, we would have another baby boom!!! And I would be ok with that..

I don't care if it makes me a commoner. George Clooney is dreamy. And his aunt is a legend.

George Clooney: 'A goofball with movie-star looks'. Photo by Sam Jones.

I am more about the ladies - but this man is not only incredibly talented as, well, pretty much everything, but also charming as hell and the coolest guy in Hollywood. I mean, seriously, he had a pig for years. As a pet. And he hangs with Brad & Angelina. And he's apparently as goofy as he is political. Good guy, that.

Which is better the photography or the subject matter. It's a close one