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Could be a neat bulletin board idea for spring ... "Come see how we're blossoming in second grade"

A Cozy Classroom Idea and Halloween Update!

Free {Are You a Text Talker?} Using the Text-Based Languag

Back to school night-- might be cheesy for middle school but who am I kidding lol

Love this for St. Patrick's day!

I love this, Right on the front of my classroom.

If I lived in a snow globe use clear plates, paint the snow

Math projects

Jeopardy generator that can be used with SmartBoard or projected from a computer. I like how this one keeps the score on the side!

Bright Polka-Primaries: Book Bin Labels (FREE)

Circumstance by Kristin M. Parker www.amazon.com/...

How to paragraph idea

Buzzing with Ms. B: Water, water everywhere. Could do this for anything cyclical! Seasons, life cycles etc.

Fair Poster- I love this for everyone

James Family Life: Making Homemade Musical Instruments

Angry Verbs!-This is an interactive bulletin board I developed for my fourth grade classroom when working on irregular verbs. It was able to interest every student and truly improved EVERYONE'S verb use!! HOW TO PLAY- I made several "angry bird" cut outs with an irregular verb in the present tense and underneath it I wrote either: PRESENT, PAST, FUTURE. The students would then pick the corresponding block off of the board. If a pig was uncovered on all sides, the player got a bonus of 5 points!

Springtime bulletin board in my 4th grade classroom! Perfect for March through June =)

Bloom into Poetry....a 5th grade teacher & I put together this bulletin board. We had her 5th grade class write poems for April- National Poetry Month. (not best pic, taken w/iPod)

Spring bulletin board idea

Spring Flower Bulletin Board

5th Grade Rocks, 5th Grade Rules

Back to School

Back to School Survival Kit - put in a cute treat bag and pass out during Open House or have on the student's desk for the first day of school

want ad bulletin board

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