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Look like a girl"-be innocent! Avoid make-up that causes you to forget your face. "Act like a lady"-be respectful. Add to the presence of the room. Women we held in night regard once upon a time. "Act like a man"-put yourself first. Men can avoid feeling of guilt, selfishness, and have the acceptance of society that women don't have (I'm a bit of a feminist). And finally "work like a boss"-be proud. Be unnerving. Be a boss! I don't think that one needs explaining.

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i've had quite a few people tell me i must have put my sassy pants on lately...

4/22/16- Cassie Cerulli This is so true! For teachers we will have our good and bad days and days where we will feel defeated but we need to remember that it is worth it in the end! Saying this to our students for inspiration when they are struggling can give them the extra motivation to keep going because it will get better if they keep working hard!

This is so true.My best friend, Samantha, has proved over and over again that she really is the best. She's been around for 11 years and has done a lot more for me than others that have been around a lot longer. I love my Best Friend!