Some people...

LOL!! Too funny!

I am so one of those people.

Totally inappropriate but hilarious.


As SNL's The Church Lady would say, "Well, Isn't That Spe-cial" --- well, you just hold on, don't you laugh now, unless you're planning to go young! ... There's just no avoiding it, it's going to get you all eventually, that's why you need to save these Texting Codes For Seniors! You hear me! If not, Could it be...Satan?☺

Hahahaha. So funny.



babies are funny

Too funny!

This is just too funny..

This is funny

Too funny

My Dad!!! :)

Lol- that's funny

Funny memes  [I'm no doctor or anything]

i just LOL'd hahahahaha

I do this all the time and people look at me like I have major problems, it is so funny!!

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