Wish i could follow this...weekly cleaning schedule

Good Home Cleaning Schedule.

The Williams-Sonoma smell; My favorite housewarming gift and spring cleaning smell

This makes getting rid of stuff much less painful.

Cleaning schedule.

I love this idea!

I always try to do these schedules and somewhere along the lines I lose track of it.. Need to stick to it!!

30 Minutes Per Week House Cleaning Schedule ~ * THE COUNTRY CHIC COTTAGE (DIY, Home Decor, Crafts, Farmhouse)

Cleaning schedule

Is your STUFF controlling your life? Join the FREE Clutter Free Challenge & FINALLY get rid of the clutter that is filling up your home, mind & schedule...once and for all! #LWSLClutterFree

Huge link drop for tons of homemade cleaners. Need to sort through and source the best ones

7 All Natural Ways To Make Your Home Smell Lke Paradise

cleaning and maintaining a front load washer - this explains a LOT

Cleaning chart and cleaning tips for people who hate to clean.

20+ uses for baby wipes for cleaning and more around your home {on Stain Removal 101}

Cleaning schedule... Gonna give it a try!

Cleaning list

Menu Planner: this is what I've been looking for. It will speed up the weekly meal planning by about a million!

I think I will paint this on one of my walls.

#Poison Ants - I wish I had learned about this years ago! It's cheap, easy, fast and it WORKS!