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oh BOY....

Dear Son, As a mother I never stop thinking about all the things I want to say to you. All the things I want to tell you, share with you, teach you. Things I never want you to forget. So here is my list of 20 of the things I want you to know:

Mother of boys

Except now as the mother of teenaged boys, many little boy noises have been replaced with video game noises and loud music and text tones. Also my wallet is always lacking cash since my oldest son is in college. They grow up too darn fast. Love my sons

Ethan & Evan

Children's Nursery/Playroom Quote Print by exhaledesigns on Etsy

I call them Luca and Liam

There's This Boy...5x7 art print (you choose your colors)

For me it should read "There's these BOYS who stole my heart. They call me MOM" I love you Mikey, Jimmy, Jakey. The best guys I've ever known!


As long as the good Lord allows mommy to be here then I will be sure to help in any way I can for my 2 baby boys and my baby girl until the good Lord takes me away.

Photomontages par le studio Souverein

Photomontages par le studio 'Souverein'

25 things i want my son to know.it made me tear up a bit! 25 things i want my son to know.it made me tear up a bit! 25 things i want my son to know.it made me tear up a bit!

6 reasons I'm over trying to be a do-it-all mom, plus a free printable.

Six Reasons I'm Over Trying to Be a "do-it-all" Mom

Good moms have happy kids and messy house! -Mom Life Quotes - funny quoutes - Laughing through motherhood - Meadoria

That's my Boy

Definition Of A Boy Subway Art Print // Black and White // 16x20

I first read this in a store that had a huge selection of wall sticker quotes for little girls, all were very mushy and beautiful. This was the only one for my new 4 lb boy in the NICU. Not funny at the time.but boy oh boy, did he grow to show me it is

The dirt will always be.....you on the other hand will grow up and may not have time for me

Baby Quotes: I hope my children look back on today And see a mother who had time to play. There will be years for cleaning and cooking. For children grow up while we're not looking.

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Bring out your inner child. Let them be little. Spend creative, fun, memorable time with them. They grow up FAST. And THEY WILL REMEMBER WHAT YOU ARE.

Jim Henson quote about children. For that I Vow to be a Loving, Caring, Tender- hearted Parent. I will have patience and will teach my Children Everything that will be beneficial to them. But most of all I will show and teach them what true love is.

It frustrates me how so many parents pawn off their children and don't spend quality time with them. They are little for such a short time. Enjoy them!

Saturdays} *Wow, that puts things in perspective. Not enough time if you only enjoy your weekends with your child.