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    Presidential Candidates Explained Through Dungeons + Dragons Character Sheets.

    Dungeons and Dragons Players, what....thinks we do.

    Scumbag Dungeons and Dragons Player

    My approach to DMing - THIS is our current adventure

    A little Dungeons and Dragons humour...

    Dungeons and Dragons with cats

    ((Startled baby yelling, "NO!" as I accidentally pinned this to my possible purchase board.))

    A different kind of Dungeons and Dragons

    Dungeons and Dragons IRL -

    Dungeons and Dragons Game Table. Need to make a sweet set-up like this! One of these days...

    Ahhhh... The irony.

    Dungeons & Dragons

    Alternate Chaotic Neutral text - This character says and acts out the word slather incorrectly all the time as in I'm going to slather that ...

    Check out this funny shirt from! "A 20-sided die is called an Icosahedron. You try making a pun out of that though."

    Nick and Siri play Dungeons and Dragons: this is so hilarious!

    All the Disney Princesses Play Dungeons and Dragons. Snow White instantly becomes an evil DM, all princesses die due to wearing only dresses.

    Pseudo Dragon... ours is named Sparkles :)

    Futurama + Dungeons and Dragons = Fun all around :-)

    Dungeons & Dragons - Imgur

    Haha, get it. | 19 Things Only RPG Nerds Will Find Funny

    Dungeons & Dragons - Imgur