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Creep Out The Creeps With These Hairy Stockings

Omg this would be hilarious! Hairy stockings.

Laughing Squidfrom Laughing Squid

Pooping Dog Lamps by Whatshisname

This is too darn funny. Almost as good as the leg in the Christmas Movie. "Good Puppy"

Who wouldn’t love a pillow made up of velcro corn kernels, show of hands please. The Sweetcorn Pillow makes all your corny fantasies come true. Pluck them, chuck them, play with them, but please don’t butter and eat them. Is this novel? Mmm hmm. A bit ridiculous? You betcha! Do I want this? Damn skippy!

#humor #trash, load it with bricks, and dump far out into the an ocean. but the guy I' dating now, took the boat out for a while.

I probably laughed way too hard at this


The best possible name for a dog…

The best possible name for a dog...

Text from dog- literally had me laughing out loud