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    Old Maid card game

    "Old Maid" playing cards.

    Birthday parties...we all had to play this!

    learn to sew lace up cards

    Who remembers these??? See Spot Run!

    Remember these?

    remember this glue for school!!

    romper room - remember the magic mirror?

    Old Maid Card Game :) Me and Chris played this yesterday... I think you need more than two players... we had too many cards in our hands!!! :D

    And we used clear nail polish to stop a run (glad those days are over)

    Roller skates-mine looked just like these!

    hahaha, I remember these horses. I loved to see how fast I could go without falling off :)

    Chinese Jump Rope - all the girls were into this game.

    Remember these?

    remember these?

    Remember these. I loved mine.

    OMG, I remember these, I still have this!!

    Remember these?

    Loved these guys

    We loved this game.