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You never notice how much they have grown up until you put the pictures side by side....

Want to speak to Zayn? Join the new social networking website that allows you to contact anyone

Honestly, its like he's doubled, they did GOOD!!

GAH why did I find this so cute?!

So. You just sang this in your head didn't you?

Im not kidding once i was in the hospital seeing a surgery ans it was a female and the doctors were talking to us about pregnancy and one said your baby will have a womb with a view and it was so awkward i laughed like a seal Niall XD -Emily

We witnessed it??? That should be changed to we felt every moment of it

| I really just want to meet these heroes that saved me ! They have no clue on how much they mean to us , they say they love us more , but in reality I think we are both equal amount . We helped and supported them , they have helped lives and supported us as well . I really want one day , to just bump into one of them , like all the other girls do . Maybe one day they'll write a special song for us , on how much they mean to us , naming it " Our Girls" . Love them always and forever ~ Kassidy

Twitter zaynmalik1D: Perrie just finished decorating the tree I didn't really help :( ha sorry x

💚💜💛💙❤ comment the heart color of the boy who first stole your heart

OMG this is crazy! Why are they asking him this stuff? The media always portrays him as a womanizer and its crazy! I'm only repinning this to show that Harry is NOT a womanizer just because he tells all women they are beautiful no matter their skin color or weight. Also its non of their business its his private life and he should be able to do what he wants without people questioning him on his sexual activity!

Another reason to love Mikey...he dmed this to a fan who said she didn't have any friends