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Henri Carier Bresson. Eerste fotograaf die ik echt bewonder. Leica. Parisien. een van de oprichters Magnum. Images a la sauvette - The decisive moment. haatte publiciteit. drukte zelden zijn foto's af. improviserende energie. Vader van de straatfotografie.

Melvin Sokolsky: Magical Realism Whether floating models down the Seine in a bubble, or shrinking his subjects, Alice-like, to miniature heights, Melvin Sokolsky helped to pioneer illusory fashion photography long before the age of digital enhancement took hold.

Viering van het einde van de oorlog tegen Japan op het Times Square. Prachtige foto. Straatfotografie is een eerste boeiend fotografiegenre.

The Invisible Man by photographer Pol Ubeda Hervas. #photography #theinvisibleman #invisibleman #polubedahervas #spain

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Diane Arbus, Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey, 1967 #art #arthistory #blackandwhite #dianearbus #womenartists #femaleartists #photography #photographer #twins #duo #mirror

I need a wrinkly old man to photograph; they make the best subjects. - Photography by Jonathan Rosser

VIvian Maier's work is impressive and beautiful and undiscovered by her own design until a couple years before her death. Her story is as interesting as her photographs. She was featured on This American Life which is how I found out about her. If you like street photography or anything with a historical element, you should check her stuff out.