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  • Kim Taylor

    Platteland::Dresie and Casie, Twins, Western Transvaal, 1993 Roger Ballen photography

  • Amar Patel

    THE WHITE DOT, Diane Arbus - Roger Ballen Twins

  • Magda

    'Dressie and Casie, Twins, Western Transval, 1993' Roger Ballen one of my all time favorite picks. I love to tell people that this is one of my "kinfolk" just to see their reaction and enjoy the awkwardness that ensues

  • Christine versus

    AP Photo: Diane Arbus | teaching art is my life

  • rus$ℓ мФятn

    photo by Roger Ballen, .his 1993 photograph Dressie and Casie, Twins, Western Transvaal garnered much attention from critics as a contemporary form of putting the social deviant on display. Despite this critique, however, Ballen as a photographer does not judge his subjects, he merely acts as a conduit for their representation. See more at:

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Tracie and I sometimes took life too seriously. 50 shades of grey should have been written years ago.

I She made “Whore” a proper noun, And gave herself respectability. II I want to paint a river, But the waters Will not stand still for it. III If the door is left open Too much life May come in. IV I thought of you But you could not hear me. >KB zerno roli

What Money Can't Buy via Colin Pantall's blog

Taking Photos in Low Light Cheat Sheat- so you can explain it to me when I ask some silly question.... ;)

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