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The History Of Steam Locomotives (part 4). Gepubliceerd op 30 dec. 2012. I found this old tape from the history channel regarding the history of steam locomotives and i thought it would be a good upload.

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THE MIGHTY HUDSON STEAM LOCOMOTIVE. Gepubliceerd op 24 dec. 2012. 1938 film made by New York Central Railroad about the classic Hudson steam locomotive. First built in 1928 over 300 of these outstanding machines were made.

How Steam Trains Work For Kids -Learn about Steam Trains! This fun and informative little animated feature shows kids how steam trains work followed by shots of real steam trains in action and information on how to order the DVD containing the clip from Lots & Lots of Big Trains by Marshall Publishing. Makes learning fun for kids of all ages including kindergarten, homeschoolers, teachers, parents and grandparents. Everyone should know how a steam train works!

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