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Google "pedicab trailer hitch" and you will get thousands of results. I discovered a variety of homemade designs. The one I decided upon is pictured here. The key component of this design is the "spherical" joint. The ball joint is essential for providing movement on X, Y, and Z axes. Trust me on this, the hitch needs to allow the trailer to move left and right (X axis); up and down (Y axis); and to tilt when the tow bike leans in to a turn (Z axis).

Das Projekt ist nun vollständig.Explosionszeichnungen und Stücklisten sind erstellt. Zusätzliche Updates einiger Zeichnungen, genaue Info auf der Website, The project is now complete. Exploded views and parts lists created. Updates of some drawings, detailed info on the website. Recumbent Tadpole Trike Liegerad, Liegedreirad, Velo, Velomobil, Velomobile