Foil-Pack Chicken Fajita

One Pan Chicken Florentine Spaghetti Recipe ~ it’s creamy, cheesy, laced with veggies and chicken and can be on your table in under 30 minutes.

Pinner wrote: "I have never gotten so many compliments before, Call this chicken, “So Good it Can’t Be Described, Explosion on Your Taste Buds Chicken.” I have never encountered a dish that is so basic and simple to put together yet creates such a big pay off. This chicken, quite simply, is one of the most savory things I’ve ever eaten. "

Best of Recipe: taco chicken bowls

Quick Chicken Tortilla Bake -- 2 10 3/4 - cream of chicken soup 1 10 - ounce can diced tomatoes 12 6- or 7-inch corn tortillas 3 cups cubed cooked chicken 1 cup shredded taco cheese

Chicken Fajitas in the oven

Easy Pasta Salad-Southwestern Chicken

Italian Chicken Bake - is so flavorful and makes a fab pan sauce that you can serve over pasta or rice. There are a TON of great Italian goodies in the dish, along with the moist and tender chicken.

7 Foil-Pack Dinners – These foil-pack dinner recipes are easy to make, cool quickly, and reduce your cleanup time. From Foil-Pack Chicken & Broccoli to Foil-Pack Fish Florentine, there’s something for everyone in this tasty collection. Bonus: All seven recipes are ready to enjoy in less than an hour.

Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken (I cooked the chicken with cajun seasoning. Very tasty!)

Foil-Pack Chicken

50 Things to Grill in Foil

Easy Oven Fajitas - Budget Bytes

Southwest Chicken Bake Recipe ~ This chicken bake doesn’t take much effort but the results are so so so good.

Grilled Pineapple-Chicken Kabob Packs

Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Reynolds® Chicken Fajitas - This scrumptious Chicken Fajita slow cooker recipe from the Reynolds® Kitchen is the perfect recipe when you're cookin' for a crowd or party.

Creamy Rice, Chicken & Spinach Dinner recipe

Chicken Fajita "discada" made with Claude's Fajita marinade and recipe.

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