wow! this is awesome!

Turning this into artwork!

The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English by Robert Beard, the author of the Word of the Day at, via theharissisters #Words #English

Faith in humanity restored!

Shakespeare's Tragedies #infografía

Good things

I am inspired to make even more word art.....

Sleeping together is one of my favorite things...

One of my favorite sayings....ever

Wise words


Give them what they never knew they wanted." -Diana Vreeland

"Write drunk, edit sober" - Ernest Hemingway quote. A must follow rule for journalists, writers and PRs!

The English language is going out the window these days, especially in high schools. Keep it strong people!

Zen Living // Tips for a Mindful Home #healthy #happy

I love him and this quote..

My favorite

Warhol Quote

let things go