Remind myself...

I definitely need to remember this

Wise advice...

Strive for progress! | #inspiration

Constant reminder

Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing! :-)

Don't you?

don't give up

one step at a time.

So true.

so true

So true

Good reminder.

So true! If you don't know what's currently going on in my life, you're not a good "friend"!

Never ever :) love everything about my life and my family and don't apologize for always being me and always speaking the truth :) living everyday with dignity, respect, love, and forgiveness and most of all faith in God

Fibro fighter


” You don’t need someone to complete you, you only need someone to accept you completely. “ So true, real love likes you as you are. You shouldn’t have to change yourself. Because someone will LOVE the person you hide.