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    Steve Irwin ~ a life lived fully! Never to be forgotten! a gift from Tania Linsdell

    Steve Irwin - for his great respect for animals and trying to help them in so many ways

    Steve Irwin and his daughter Bindi

    Heath Ledger.

    Steve Irwin

    Saltwater crocodiles are arguably nature’s most terrifyingly efficient killing machines. Getting up close to them is generally a very bad idea but, in Australia’s Northern Territory, the “big salties” have become a major tourist attraction. And as last week’s incredible photograph of a jumping crocodile, above, shows, visitors can get very close indeed to the toothy monsters. Crocodile cruises are just one option for close encounters near Darwin, the tropical capital of the Northern Territo...


    Steve McQueen

    Bette Davis - a stunning photo of a screen legend.

    The late Steve Irwin, with wife Terri Irwin. What Steve did for the natural world was phenomenal.

    Steve Irwin's philosophy on education.

    Bindi and Steve Irwin holding alligators.

    Brutus is one of the many saltwater crocodiles living in the Northern Territory, tourists are often 'overawed' by the giant creatures


    Steve Irwin

    This bunny and this capybara.

    Meryl Streep THE greatest actress of OUR generation! Unfortunately, NEW Hollywood is headed in a very different direction, so unless she dons GREEN SCREEN animation garb, and becomes another 3D Avatar wannabe, I think we might see less and less of her!

    Steve McQueen

    C'mon now Honey. I know you can do it! :> Motherly love ... It spans most species known to man. Would that all moms were so caring & concerned. ***** Ural Owls

    Katharine Hepburn who was taught to "speak her mind and develop it fully" and did so magnificently until she died at 96. One classy lady.

    Susan Sarandon