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between dudley and neville, I'm beginning to suspect that puberty works differently in Britain.

So I saw this and my first reaction was, "Aw, baby Neville!" But then I was like, "His parents didn't see him like this... Because they were in St. Mungo's... And insane... And addicted to Drooble's... And maybe that's why Nev looks kinda sad in this picture... And now I'm teary... OH GOD THE FEELS."

Glamourfrom Glamour

In Honor of Harry Potter's Birthday, May We Present "Snapes on a Plane" and Other HP Funnies.

Haha, this made me laugh out loud.

A Harry Potter wand that actually works like a TV remote. You can raise the volume or change channels by flicking or moving the wand! Ok I think it's clear that my future home will have one or more of these wonderful devices in it. I need this for my future home!!