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  • Crystal Kuld

    This camera (change focus *after* taking your photo)

  • Rachel Waldron

    Amazing camera, try out the focus feature yourself.


    Lytro Camera ... the future of digital photography

  • Henrik Bautz

    Lytro - best digital camera #musthave

  • Peggy Chau

    When auto focus failed you, think Lytro, a light field camera that allows user to adjust focus point after the picture is taken. Unlike traditional cameras, no complicated controls and buttons... just point, shoot, and the unlimited potential of creativity.

  • BrightideaHQ

    Lytro, the first light field camera that allows consumers to change the focus of a photo after it’s taken #innovation #camera #digital #photography

  • Laura Hulce

    The Lytro camera takes digital photos which capture the entire light field. This allows you to focus through the entire depth of field AFTER you take the picture, while you're editing. Play with the samples in the picture gallery. Amazing! I want one. Someday.

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Introducing Lytro: Photography's First Major Breakthrough Since The Digital Camera | The Creators Project

The Lytro is a cool little camera that lets you focus AFTER the picture is taken. Quite the clever little device, actually.

Polaroid 600. I miss playing with my great grandma's! Who doesn't love the instant picture printout?

Lytro - Illum Camera - the first high-end camera that harnesses the power of light field – capturing the direction, color and brightness of the rays of light within the frame. That means the ability to explore your pictures from different perspectives, focal points and dimensions.

Lytro Illum by Tim Hulford, via Behance (can't wait to see this on the market!) Fix focus on any shot, after it's been shot!

Great photography tips! I had no idea my DSLR had that feature!

cool new Lytro digi camera that allows you the focus AFTER you have taken photos...I'm sure this technology will one day be in your smart phone!

Unique Interesting CAMERA (BOOK CAM 2, 2012), from

Lytro Camera - The revolutionary camera lets you shoot everything you point it at, depth-of-field be damned, and allows you to "focus after the fact" in post-processing.

I've been wanting a video camera for a long time. This one is so pretty and the Mino model allows you to customize your own design.

I WANT THIS CAMERA! It's called Lytro and it let's you set the focus after the fact. Only available to Mac users now...but when it's ready for PC. I'm there! It's super cool!

so cute, yep Dana McGlocklin you need this.