A field guide to typestaches

If Fonts Wore Mustaches. In the spirit of ‘Movember’, San Franciso-based art director Tor Weeks has created an illustrated guide that explores the personalities of different fonts and the ‘type’ of mustache they would wear.

This is sooo damn true !! Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1805

Daily Inspiration #1805

Funny pictures about The anatomy of a graphic designer. Oh, and cool pics about The anatomy of a graphic designer. Also, The anatomy of a graphic designer.

X-Ray F1 stems from the interest in mechanical and isometric drawings, iconography and detailing. It required plenty of investigation and research int

This is super clean and avoids the info graphic of using huge, cramped type set in League Gothic. Since the primary data/info being discussed is the exploded view of the car, the majority of ink is devoted to that.

The Difference Between Serif And Sans-Serif Explained In One Infographic - BuzzFeed Mobile

The Difference Between Serif And Sans-Serif Explained In One Infographic

The final show down between the fonts, Serif vs Sans. Urban Fonts have developed this infographic for you all to decide which one is best for you. So are you team Serif or team Sans?

El 90% del diseño es tipografía

El 90% del diseño es tipografía #infografia #infographic #design

No matter how balanced and beautiful a layout is and how perfect the color choices turn out, a design can still be completely defiled with inferior typography. Useful tips for laying out good typography from the lead designer at Design Aglow.

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Food infographic Food infographic Jot Down Contemporary Culture Mag by relajaelcoco via Be. Infographic Description Food infographic Jot Down Con

25 Great Typography, Calligraphy & Lettering Designs

Typography inspiration

Type hierarchy, digital grid and layout, all in one. // From a 1927 Speedball guide written by Ross F. George, type designer and inventor of the Speedball pens.

Graphic Disasters …

Font snarkiness - funny as I use Papyrus and Bradley a lot for work - admit to using Comic Sans too for student assignments.

type guide Typsnitt Affisch Fonter Utskrift

[Infographie] De l’importance d’une bonne typo sur son site!

Quick and Comprehensive Type Guide Infographic // All great information. Typography is the most important element of graphic design.



donald young

Everything is design. A beautiful, letterpressed poster tribute to type designer Doyald Young. Conceived by Josh Higgins and rendered by Jessica Hische. Proceeds go toward a type scholarship in Doyald's name.

A  Chris Spooner, 30 Sexiest Ampersands  Originally a ligature that combined the letters E and T of the Latin word 'et', the ampersand is now a common replacement for the word 'and'. Its form has evolved over centuries from the more script-like 'et' ligature where the letters are clearly visible, to the more stylised character we recognise on our keyboards today. I browsed through 100s of typefaces to find the font with the most unique and flamboyant ampersand designs.

So I've been doing my ampersands back to front this whole time. My Top 30 Fonts with the Sexiest Ampersands