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Reading Levels Resources... A person who reads books close to his or her reading level will read more and be challenged enough to improve reading skills

This is kind of like a CAFE BOARD FOR TEACHERS! It's a menu of skills to teach to guided reading groups, arranged by LEVEL!!! I wish I knew how to make a drooling emoticon, because I'd make like 100 of them right now!!!

making sense of Reading Levels for Parents (Book Level at Library for Kindergarten)

Level It is a great app that lets you scan your book's ISBN and view the Guided Reading, Grade Level Equivalent, DRA, and Lexile levels for the book. For iPad and iPhone

Children in grades K-3 are starting to read by themselves, nonetheless they still want to curl up and hear an account read to them. Here's a list of books that may meet both needs. Parents are able to use several of these as "read-alongs" to aid their children improve their reading.

Who was the first person to ever read a book to you? Do the same for your children... and then some. Talk about what you read. Connect the book's content to your child's life. Help your child connect with the text. You'll begin a lifetime of loving to read.

How Parents Can Help Their Kindergarten Child Improve Their Reading Comprehension

Free app….Let students read a passage and record themselves reading. Review the reading with the student...They can reread as many times as you want them to in order to gain greater fluency!! Students improve when they can hear their own reading, evaluate it, and make a plan to improve!