Gypsy Caravan.

gypsy wagon

wooooah. too busy for my taste, but the individual pieces look really cool...and it looks like a fairyland. :)

From The English Gypsy Caravan


Really like the location of the bed! Fernhills - Gypsy Caravan and Roulotte Builders in Worcestershire.

1914 Gypsy wagon built by one of the most famous builders, Dunton & Sons of Reading, England


Gypsy Caravan, Elaine123. I sort of want to do this to my pickup - or get an RV. New meets old sort of thing.

love gypsies #gypsies #wagon

Gypsy: #Bohemian house.

shabby chic gypsy

Bohemian / Gypsy / Lifestyle

gypsy caravan...I've always wanted one of these ever since I was little. Have no idea where I ever saw one... but have always loved them.

bowtop, Vardo, gypsy caravan....because everyone knows I'm a gypsy :D

Roulottes ( gypsy caravans ) restored by Jeanne Bayol

☮ American Hippie Bohemian Style ~ Boho feathers + gypsy spirit

Lace curtain embellished with crochet flowers and on my house no less